Our Mission

Insurance companies generate mounds of confusing paper.

Cornell MedClaim is the solution!

Our exclusive software enables us to eliminate the confusion of the insurance claims.

We ensure prompt payment and promise efficient and thorough follow-up until the claim has been processed by all insurance companies – primary through tertiary. Your claims will be resolved.

Company Profile

Cornell MedClaim, Inc. was established in 1990 to provide comprehensive medical management to both providers and patients.


The medical industry was evolving from Fee-For_Service to Managed Care.  This evolution created the need for a company which could assist both providers and recipients of medical services with increasingly confusing paperwork.


Since inception, we have developed services to simplify the complex standards set forth by the insurance industry.

The development of our own software which could be quickly modified to the industry’s constant changes and easily distributed to our accounts has proven to be an invaluable tool. As patients and insurance companies demanded more and more information, we quickly adapted our software to their needs.  Therefore, building our own personalized software, has enabled and accommodated our growth and the growth of our providers.  Through our experience, we have set up separate services to provide the maximum solutions to medical billing management.  Three distinct services have evolved; Physician Practice Management, Private Patient Solutions and Medical Software Design.  Through the combination of these services, our company has excelled and easily adapted to mergers and policy changes that occur daily in the medical management industry.  To date, we have had supervision of over 1,000 private patient accounts, managed over 50 physician practices and have implemented our billing structures from New Jersey to Puerto Rico.